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Possible Educational Symptoms of Klinefelter Syndrome

This grouping of educational symptoms potentially could occur.  Please feel free to print this out and share it with anyone who can assist you or your child.  This may be a helpful guide to give to a teacher or educational professional assisting you and/or your child.

General Educational Difficulties

Unsuccessful Test TakingDifficulty with Writing Details
Poor Organizational SkillsPoor Management of Timed Activities
Slower to Complete TasksEasily Frustrated
Difficulty Employing Problem Solving StrategiesDecreased Mathematical Ability

Social Skills

Low Self EsteemInterprets Words Literally
RigidShort Temper
PerfectionistFeels like a failure
BulliedReading Difficulties
ComprehensionDifficulty with Recall
Retaining InformationPoor Short Term Memory

Attention Problems

Short Attention SpanNeeds Instructions Repeated
Concentration IssuesFidgety
Auditory Processing and Memory ProblemsGross Motor Issues
Poor Athletic PerformanceBalance Issues
Language ProblemsPoor Coordination
Language ProcessingDifficulty Expressing Thoughts

Fine Motor & Sensory Issues

Poor Handwriting/Dysgraphia
Buttoning clothingCutting with scissors
Certain Sounds, Smells, Sights, Textures and TastesLoud Noises
Bright, Flickering LightsScratchy clothing

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