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Sample Behavior Support Plan

The Behavior Support Plan, as listed below, is a sample used by a parent in Canada for her son.  This specific plan has been working extremely well for her son. There are reasons to believe this plan could assist many of our boys with behavior issues, sometimes because of frustration-based learning disabilities.  You are welcome to use this plan as a guide when assisting your son.
Objective: To ensure that staff working with the child know behavior support procedures to maintain a healthy environment for the child, other students, and staff. Rationale:  The child will sometimes exhibit oppositive defiant behaviors towards adults making requests of him.  He may be verbally disrespectful, physically refuse, or physically remove himself from the situation.


These behaviors are most likely to occur when:

  • A request is made of him that he does not understand or is not comfortable doing
  • He is asked to take responsibility for his actions
  • He is frustrated, especially when doing written tasks
  • Conflicts arise in play situations and he does not feel it is fair or just


  • If he is escalated, provide an area that is private where he can cool off
  • When he is ready to talk, approach him with caution
  • Provide him with the power of choice marking his options very simply and clear
  • Avoid power struggles, remaining calm with minimal verbal interaction

Proactive Strategies:

  • Modifications made to any written assignment
  • Clear expectations using a visual schedule of what comes next
  • The direct reaching of social skills
  • Daily behavior self-monitoring system in place
  • Implement a reinforcement schedule for desired behavior resulting from his self-monitoring checklist

Reactive Plan:

  • Distract and redirect
  • Avoid power struggles by ignoring inappropriate talk
  • Wait until he gains control before any interaction occurs again
  • Provide the power of choice and review boundaries in order for him to return to the task and fulfill the request made of him in the first place
  • In the event of aggressive behavior, clear the room and remove yourself from the environment
  • Immediately reward his compliance and gain self-control

Daily Behavior Self-Monitoring Form

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