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Possible Symptoms of Klinefelter Syndrome for any Age Group




Possible Symptoms that one who has Klinefelter Syndrome may have. Since this is a spectrum condition, some may have some of these or only the first one. We all have one or more extra X chromosomes, which is what makes us XXY. Klinefelter Syndrome can occur, but not necessarily.
**At least one extra X Chromosome**AnxietyAttention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
Auditory Processing DisorderBehavioral IssuesChest pains accompanied by difficulty breathing
Decreased StaminaDelayed Onset of PubertyDepression
Developmental DelaysEmotional Issues/Cries EasilyExcessive Fatigue
Feeling Socially InadequateFifth Finger ClindactilyFlat Feet
Focus and Concentration IssuesGynecomastia/breast tissue enlargementImpulsiveness
Infertility/Lack of SpermLack of Body/Facial HairLearning Differences/Language Impairment
Low Tone/HypotoniaNever Takes ResponsibilityObsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obstructive/Central Sleep ApneaOsteoporosisPear Shaped Body
Pectus Excavatum/Concave ChestPoor Executive SkillsPossible Focal Seizures
Possible MigrainesRespiratory DisordersSensory Integration Dysfunction
ShySmall Testes/GenitaliaSecondary Female Sex Characteristics
Some feelings of Sexual Confusion/IdentitySome feelings of being IntersexSpeech Delay
Tall StatureTaurodontism/dental issuesTremors - Hand/Leg

Newborn Specific Symptoms

Ambiguous Genitalia
Undescended Testicles


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