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Klinefelter Educational Support Team (KEST)


  • To educate America about Klinefelter Syndrome
  • To help those affected with the condition to cope with it


David Weiser
10 Bridge Lane
Brewster, NY 10509
(914) 804-7589

About David Weiser and Klinefelter Syndrome:

David was born on April 12th, 1964 on Staten Island NY, by a Jewish 17-year-old.  He was given up for adoption at birth.  Lived with a foster family in Yonkers NY until the age of 14 months.  Then adopted by migrants from Austria living in Riverdale, The Bronx.  David grew up in Riverdale until the age of 16 1/2.  He was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 7, after getting expelled from second grade in NY City public schools for very bad behavior.  David’s father was an Engineer and his Mother was an Occupational therapist and sent David to a private Special Ed school in Manhattan called the “Steven Gainor School”  They specialize in behavior problems & Dyslexia.  After 3 years David was expelled again for bad behavior, and David’s parents then sent David to The “Hallen Center for Education” In White Plains, NY.  Here David stayed for 7 years graduating at age 18 from High School.

When David was 16 1/2 his parents moved from Riverdale in The Bronx to New Rochelle in Westchester county.  They went from a 2 bedroom Co-op to a 5 bedroom house with a yard and greenhouse.   David’s parents were much older than David’s friend’s parents.  David never seemed to get along with people his own age, only younger or much older.

One year of living in Westchester, David got into legal trouble setting fires.  Spent time at St. Vincents Hospital. A mental hospital for depression and mental illness.  David seemed to be always aggressive and mad at the world.  Never made many good friends, and caused trouble wherever he seemed to go.  After his parents got a good lawyer and worked on helping David overcome this problem he went on to College.  He did do some probation time and at the same time went to Westchester Community College.  Where after 5 years got two associate Degrees.  One in Marketing and other Child Psychology.  At the same time, he started a Landscaping business that ran for 7 1/2 years.

Upon, his mother’s death in March 1987 David sold his business and went to work for someone else, but never seems to hold a job for more than a few months a time.  He got bored and Quit all the time.  After 2 years of not knowing what to do. He started a limousine service.  Which he ran for 7 1/2 years a 5 car operation.

But he seemed to only be happy when running his business, could not hold a girlfriend for very long, and still had trouble making friends.   In May 1995 he ran into more legal problems after he assaulted a minor.  Now 31 in age and business going under he tries to commit suicide.  But his smart lawyer got him back into St. Vincents Hospital were a smart psychiatrist, found in a  book called Klinefelter Syndrome.  The 3 paragraphs written about it seemed to match David 100%.

They sent David for a blood test and YES he was a match for Klinefelter Syndrome.  Now David’s Lawyer used the information on Klinefelter Syndrome and a study that was being done at UCLA Harbor Medical Center on the before and after-effects of taking Testosterone the treatment for Klinefelter Syndrome.  David was sent to California to be apart of the study.

Once David was on Testosterone, his life changes 1000% for the better.  He grew facial hair and body hair, his learning problems went away overnight.  His behavior troubles went away.  It seemed David had almost all the symptoms and after taking testosterone they went away or were greatly reduced.  David has been taking injections every two weeks since July 1995.

After his legal trouble was settled, his business was sold off, and he filled personal bankrupt, David could finally start a new life.  So he did.  Still living at home with his father who was not well and getting older. David got a job managing another limousine service and working in a factory at the same time.   He liked to be very busy.  Though he changed companies he stayed in the managing business of limousine until Oct. 2008.  He still drives once in a while for special famous clients.  He started in 1999 his own organization for Klinefelter Syndrome called KEST, (Klinefelter Educational Support Team).  With the help of two friends Stefan and Bruce.

Today February 2010,  David Runs his own business again in the tour services.  Giving Tours of NY City and suburbs and he is married to a man named Scott, who is a social worker.  David is also a Gay Activist and Handicap Activist.  His Husband Scott is in a  wheelchair, born with a disability.   David also still lives at home with his sick 90 old father, who he takes care of now with the help of a few aids.  David continues to help others cope with and educate others on Klinefelter syndrome as he tries very hard for others not to go through what he did in life.  If you like to talk to David please be free to call or email him at the above information.

On February 2nd, 2012 David’s father dies at age 91 1/2 of Congestive Heart Failure.  David and his husband Scott sell that house after 2 years and move north to Brewster. They buy a home with lots of lands and a pool.  David’s new business is driving old people around who can’t drive or shouldn’t be driving anymore.  He still runs his tour business and Scott is still a social worker, working with the disabled population.  As David gets older he finds making friends easier and easier, helps run support groups for the gay community.  He is also building a Toy Car Museum.  David and Scott also have two cats now and enjoy gardening together.  David still takes his injection every 2 weeks.  He also travels to conferences all over the northeast learning more and more.

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