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The KS Story – You Are Not Alone


The following is a book written by Iain McKinley. Iain is an adult with Klinefelter Syndrome diagnosed in the late 1990s and began writing a book about Klinefelter Syndrome. Please read this letter first which describes the content of the book.

The book is quite a nice compilation of information that the author has compiled not only over the past 12 years since his diagnosis occurred but a lot of information throughout his life. Please enjoy reading this book, and if you’d like, send an email with your comments to the author, Iain McKinlay.

Please note, the book link below will attempt to download almost an 8 MB PDF file—the book has 88 pages in a PDF format. If you do not have a high-speed internet connection, this may take a long time to download.

Now, onto The KS Story – You Are Not Alone!

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