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One in 10 people will go to the hospital this year.  Yet we receive no training for how to be a patient or how to navigate the professional medical world. The book How are You?  Manage Your Own Medical Journey empowers the reader to be informed, proactive, and at peace with a serious medical crisis.  The fascinating role and complex issues of genetics, life with a chronic illness and relationships are described in an honest, thought-provoking account of one woman's journey with a rare genetic cancer syndrome, von Hippel-Lindau disease.  Readers will benefit from the practical how-to check lists that are provided at the end of each chapter.  Patients need not merely survive, but can thrive in life after or with a serious medical condition.

"After reading this book, you may never use the question, 'How are you?' in the same casual way again."

-- Joyce Graff, Co-Chair,
VHL Family Alliance

"This book is a milestone in the arena of self-help and patient advocacy.  It is a wellness handbook for every person."
 --Dr. William Kintner,
Pacific Southwest Regional Genetics Network
"By sharing an intensely personal journey, the author offers information and inspiration that will no doubt decrease the suffering of other survivors."
-- Susan Leigh, R.N., Past President,
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

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Orders should be accompanied with a check for $14.95 (book) + $2.05 shipping ($17 total!!) and made out to Patricia Foote.  $3 from the sale of each book ordered and seen from this website will go to Klinefelter Syndrome.  So if you are ordering this book, please mention where you saw the advertisement.

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Please see the von Hippel-Lindau website for more information about this condition.

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