Those of us who learn about Klinefelter Syndrome at whatever age are in desparate need of finding others that share our situation.  When you have a variant, it is rarer than being 47XXY and in terms of both number of people the number of those with this variant is much less.   In terms of information about these variants, again there is very little.  More importantly, it is what we learn about ourselves and our similarities that can help all of us.

This section lists e-mail addresses and other contact information for those with 48XXXY or 48XXYY variants.

It is important for us to be able to seek validation from others with this variant of Klinefelter Syndrome.

If you are affected by this variant or if your son is affected and you would like to be listed, e-mail Stefan.  Please let me know via e-mail if you come across any email addresses that  are no longer valid, so I may modify them accordingly.  Thanks so much.

A recent listserv has been started for the 48XXXY variant.

United Kingdom/Ireland/Scotland

June Angus
son Sam 48XXYY
born 1994, diagnosed prenatally
Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom

Paul Williams
son Alfie 48XXXY
born 2003, diagnosed 2009
Southwest London, England
Marie Brennan
son Peter 48XXXY, born in 1984
diagnosed in 1993
Celbridge Co Kildare Ireland
Hilary and Peter Dearling
son Stephen
born and diagnosed 1985
Portsmouth, UK
Nicola Derrick
son Scott, born 1994
diagnosed by chance in 1999
Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
Alex and Fiona Scott
son Jamie 48XXYY, born in 1990
son Andrew 46XY, born 1991
Glasgow, Scotland
Daniela Smith
son Daniel 48XXXY
born and diagnosed 2001
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Steven and Margaret Tomlinson
son Callum 48XXXY
born 1993
Mark Wade/Joanne Briggs
son Brad 48XXYY
born 1998, diagnosed 2002
Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Lisa Cutting
son Callum 48XXXY
born 1997, diagnosed 2001
Oldham, Greater Manchester

New Zealand/Australia

Ken P. Luder
born in 1946, diagnosed 1987
Victoria, Australia
Monique O'Connor
son Sam, 48XXXY
born in 1991, diagnosed in 1995
New South Wales, Australia

Steven & Kellie Richardson
son Bailey 48XXXY
born in 2004, diagnosed in 2007
Melbourne, Australia

Nick and Silena Martin
son Dwayne 48XXYY
age 13
New Zealand
Paul and Dianne Osborne
son Anthony 48XXXY
born in 1988, diagnosed 1998
Melbourne, Australia
Teresa Krol
son Trent 48XXYY
age 15
New South Wales, Australia


Giuseppina Capalbo
son Emanual, 47XXY(25%)/48XXXY(75%)
age 15, diagnosed at age 7
Calabria, Italy
Maria Grazia Mortillaro
son Francesco 48XXXY
age 16, diagnosed at age 13
Sicily, Italy
Roberta Massarini
son Daniel 48XXXY
born in 1996
Rome, Italy
Ana Recatero
son Gustavo 48XXXY
age 22, diagnosed at age 10
Madrid, Spain
Corinne en Jan van der Moere
son Deaglan 48XXXY
Born 2005, diagnosed 2009
Middelburg, The Netherlands
Christine Dubus
son Emmanuel 48XXXY
Born 2002, diagnosed 2009
Coubron, France
Julie Jeberg
son Elias 48XXXY
Born 2009, diagnosed 2015



Evert Hoogers
son Nickolas 48XXXY
born 1991, diagnosed in 2008
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Vladimir Kolteniuk
son Sasha 48XXXY
born in 1987, diagnosed 1996
Toronto, Canada
Ross Johnson
born in 1979, diagnosed 1981
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Other Areas of the World

Toetie Botma
son Petrus 48XXYY
born in 1991, diagnosed in 2007
Cape Town, South Africa
Khuzaini and Nik Nazli
son Ammar, 48XXYY
born in 1999, diagnosed in 2000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jonathan Rubin
age 24, diagnosed at age 20 1/2
Modiin, Israel


United States - Northeast/Mid-Atlantic

Ilda Annesley
son Glenn 48XXYY
age 36, diagnosed at age 14
Tannersville, Pennsylvania

John and Amy Ciampa
son Matthew 48XXYY
born 2004, diagnosed 2004
Amhurst, Massachusetts

David and Jane Klemp
son 48XXYY
born in 1986, diagnosed in 1991
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Art and Esther Meyer
son Artie
born in 1988, diagnosed in 2000
Trumbull, Connecticut

Gail Serra
son Brandon Romandetti, 48XXYY
born 1990, diagnosed 1996
Staten Island, New York
Melissa Singhas-Hummer
son Russell 48XXXY
born 1993, diagnosed in 1995
State Line, Pennsylvania
Charlene Welcome
son Kyle 48XXYY
age 8 1/2, diagnosed at age 8
Selkirk, New York
Richard and Linda Wright
son Quinlan 48XXXY
born in 1990, diagnosed in 1993
Morgan Ysiano
born in 1981, diagnosed in 1998
Shirley Knupp
son Chris 48XXXY
born 1972, diagnosed in 1983
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

United States - South (including Texas)

Michael Allen
born 1980, diagnosed 2001
Holiday, Florida

Joann Ellington
sons Kevin and Kevin (both) 48XXXY
born 1983, diagnosed 2002
Powhatan, Virginia

Lynda Hall
son Alec 48XXYY
born 12/1990, diagnosed at age 7
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Marie Hays
son Alex 48XXYY
born 1984, diagnosed 1998
Fayetteville, Georgia

Tammy Hicks
brother Bradley 48XXYY
diagnosed at age 22
Woodward, Oklahoma
Karen Hodge
son Benjamin 48XXYY
born 1992
Darlington, South Carolina
Mary Ellen Banta
son 48XXXY
born in 1986, diagnosed in 2000
DeLand, Florida & Boulder, Colorado
Carol and Dennis Sander
son Shawn 48XXXY
born in 2009, diagnosed in 2009
Giddings, Texas
Larry and Janice Long
son Garry 48XXXY
born 1974, diagnosed 2002
Sanford, North Carolina
Lina Gil-McCool
son 48XXXY
born and diagnosed 1991
Shea and Amy Massey
son Cameron 48XXXY
born and diagnosed in 2005
Hurst, Texas
Zonetta and Ray Post
son Brad 48XXYY
born in 1976, diagnosed in 1997
Bradenton, Florida
Scott and Jennifer Rosser
son Gavin 48XXXY
born in 2001, diagnosed in 2001
Tina Renee Shirley
son Brian 48XXYY
Mother: Tina/Stepfather: Paul
Siblings: 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy

Raleigh, North Carolina
Robyn Walton
son John 48XXXY
born 1985, diagnosed 2000
Fort Worth, Texas
John and Hye Watts
son Ryan 48XXYY
born in 1982, diagnosed in 1992
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Sharon and Paul Zambito
son Jason 48XXXY
born in 1993, diagnosed in 1995
Jeremy and Lauren Merrill
Son Gage 48XXXY
born in 2008, diagnosed in 2010
Wichita Falls, Texas
Erica Beasley
son Dante 48XXXY
born in 2001, diagnosed in 2008
Mobile, Alabama
Wendy Doles
son Scott 48XXXY
born in 1993, diagnosed in 2001
Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Misty and Darrell Ellison
son Isaiah 48XXXY
born in 2011, diagnosed in 2013
Dothan, Alabama

Zane Hanson
born in 1976, diagnosed in 1992
Eastland, Texas

Matthew Gibson
born in 1985, diagnosed in 1996
Tampa, Florida

United States - Midwest

Nikki Buffum
son Kord 48XXYY, born in 1998
diagnosed in 2001
Muskegon, Michigan

Bill and Shelly Cantrell
son Christopher 48XXYY
age 17, diagnosed at age 11
Juniata, Nebraska
Tonga Carter
son Michael 48XXXY
born 1993, diagnosed 1997
Chicago, Illinois

Steven and Brenda Coy
son Jon 48XXYY
born 1986, diagnosed in 2001
Dayton, Ohio

Bruce and Alix Kocher
son 48XXYY
born in 1994, diagnosed 1999
Rich and Chris Paolucci
son Gino 48XXXY
born in 1999, diagnosed 1999
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Melissa Ramsey
sons Dylan & Blake, 48XXXY
born in 2003, diagnosed in 2007
Weston, Wisconsin
Doug and Kim Stickney
son Chris 48XXYY
born in 1985
Iowa City, Iowa
Lori Walker
son Jordan 48XXYY
age 10, diagnosed age 6
Flint, Michigan
Denise and Gary Ricco
son Ryan 48XXXY
Born 1992
Northbrook, Illinois
Kelly Heritage
Born 1974, Diagnosed in 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
Dawn VanOoyen
Born 2006, diagnosed in 2015
Green Bay, Wisconsin

United States - West

Renee Beauregard
son Kyle 48XXYY
born in 1982
Aurora, Colorado

Robert Davis
age 56, diagnosed at age 27
Denver, Colorado

Katrina Duvalois
son Jacob 48XXYY
born 7/1998, diagnosed 6/2000
Palmdale, California

Carolyn Galantine
son Jesse 48XXYY
age 12
Riverside, California

Ron and Deanna Greer
son Ronnie 48XXYY
age 10, diagnosed at age 5
South Dakota
Megan Laubhan
son Brett 48XXXY
born 1996, diagnosed in 2003
Longmont, Colorado
Laurie Milton
son Kent 48XXYY
age 9
Northern California
Amran and June Mustafa
son 48XXXY
diagnosed in 2001 prenatally
San Jose, California
Kelly and Kevin Roach
son Kyle 48XXYY
born in 1989, diagnosed in 2002
Newbury Park, California
Ann Ziogas
son Mark King 48XXXY
born 1988, diagnosed in 1988
Benecia, California
Frances Garcia
son Adayah 48XXXY
born 2007, diagnosed in 2010
Anchorage, Alaska
Nancy & Jack Pereschuk
son Ronan 48XXXY
born 2011, diagnosed in 2015
Chandler, Arizona

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